An influencer is someone who has a lot of connections and clout within the community. Influencers can help when they add their name and voice to the conversation.

Yes, that's me!Yes, that's me!


A supporter is someone who uses their time, resources, skills and voice to benefit the cause. The best way supporters can get involved is by actively joining the conversation.

I'm ready to help!I'm ready to help!


A fan is someone who can’t volunteer their time, but they still want to be involved. Even their ‘fan’ status helps get the conversation started.

Totally with you!Totally with you!

I’ve totally got connections and I’m ready to join the conversation!

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Give to HopeLNK

We use donations to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention through education and community resources.

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Host a training

We’ll bring the professionals and the resources, all you need to do is gather a group of people who are interested in HopeLNK.

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Spread the word

Get a HopeLNK t-shirt to help start the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention with your friends, neighbors and coworkers.

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Like and share HopeLNK on social media. Help us start a movement!

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Donation Section

We’re just starting to kick things off and aren’t quite ready to take online donations. But if you want to give to the movement financially, please shoot us a quick email at

Host Training Section

Spread the Word

Join the Coalition

If interested in our local HopeLNK Suicide Prevention Coalition meetings, we meet on the first Thursday of the month. Please email us if interested in joining!